CMS 600B


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CMS 600B

CMS600B-3 is a portable, LCD screen B-ultrasound diagnostic system. It adopts advanced full digital imaging technologies.

The device is suitable for ultrasonic examination on abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, small parts, urology.

■High resolution LCD screen.

■Adoption of folded backlit keyboard and trackball provides fast, convenient and flexible operation.

■The image of the device is clear, stable and high resolution.

■It has two probe interfaces, and many probes can be chosen, which can satisfy the clinic diagnostic need fully.

■PAL-D video output offers connection to external video printer and big display and other equipments.

■High speed USB port provides real-time image transfer to the PC.

■The system can process image save, zoom, up and down flip, left and right flip, black and white flip, and large-capacity cine loop; multi-level scanning depth, dynamic range, acoustic power, frame correlation, focus number and position etc.